The Princess & the Fae

When I was younger, the servants told me stories of an enchanted kingdom called Drazamos; a land of ghouls and goblins. A land ruled by the Fae. The stories say that once a year, the veil between our worlds collapses and all creatures come across to dance among the living. The Others stay for just that night and then return to their own realm, and only a special few humans ever know that they were there.

That night is tonight. The eve of Mardi Gras…

Princess Shaylin Devire is to wed a suitor of her father’s choosing whether the princess likes it or not. It’s supposedly for the good of the kingdom and Shaylin is forced to endure a night of dancing and dining with pompous princes in the hopes that one will ask for her hand. But Shaylin has other plans. She is determined to know romance—before she’s strapped in matrimonial chains—if only for a night. And she just might find what she’s looking for when she comes across a masked stranger with a powerful build and sprawling black wings.

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